On Cloud Vs Asics Running Shoes

On Cloud Vs Asics Running Shoes

When choosing between On Cloud and Asics running shoes, consider your specific needs and preferences. On Cloud is known for its lightweight design and excellent cushioning, while Asics offers stability and support for different foot types.

Both brands have loyal followings based on individual comfort and performance preferences. On Cloud shoes feature a unique CloudTec cushioning system that provides a plush, responsive feel, ideal for those seeking a light and agile running experience. On the other hand, Asics is renowned for its Gel cushioning technology, which offers superior shock absorption and stability, making it a popular choice for runners with pronation issues or seeking extra support.

Consider factors such as your running style, foot shape, and desired level of cushioning and support when deciding between On Cloud and Asics running shoes.

On Cloud Vs Asics Running Shoes

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1. Comfort And Cushioning

When it comes to choosing the right running shoes, comfort and cushioning are paramount for both seasoned runners and beginners alike. In this comparison of On Cloud and Asics running shoes, we will delve into the key factors of comfort and cushioning to help you make an informed decision.

1.1 Cloud Running Shoes

On Cloud running shoes are designed with a focus on providing a comfortable and cushioned experience for runners. Featuring a unique cushioning technology, these shoes offer a plush feel while maintaining responsiveness and support. The CloudTec technology, integrated into the sole of the shoes, delivers a cushioned landing followed by a firm toe-off, promoting a natural and efficient running gait.

1.2 Asics Running Shoes

Asics running shoes are renowned for their exceptional cushioning properties, catering to the varied needs of runners. With their innovative GEL cushioning system, Asics shoes excel in absorbing shock and providing a comfortable ride. The cushioning is strategically placed in key impact areas to enhance the overall comfort and reduce the risk of fatigue during extended runs.

On Cloud Vs Asics Running Shoes

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2. Durability And Support

Durability and support are key factors to consider when comparing the On Cloud and Asics running shoes. Both brands offer long-lasting quality and cushioning for optimal performance during your runs.

Cloud Running Shoes are known for lightweight materials and cushioned support, ideal for short to medium distances.

2.1 Cloud Running Shoes

Incorporate CloudTec technology for a springy ride and impact protection with each step.

2.2 Asics Running Shoes

Recognized for reliable durability and structured support, best suited for long-distance running. Cloud Running Shoes tend to offer flexible cushioning that may wear down quicker compared to the sturdier build of Asics. Support in Asics Running Shoes is more focused on stability and pronation control for sustained performance. Consider your running style and distance needs when choosing between these two brands.

3. Design And Aesthetics

3. Design and Aesthetics

3.1 Cloud Running Shoes

On’s Cloud running shoes are known for their sleek and modern design, incorporating innovative technology.

  • Lightweight materials enhance overall comfort and agility.
  • Bold color options allow for personalized style.
  • Unique cloud-like cushioning provides a distinctive aesthetic appeal and superb performance.

3.2 Asics Running Shoes

Asics running shoes feature a more traditional design with a focus on durability and functionality.

  • Classic color schemes cater to a wider range of preferences.
  • Sturdy construction offers support and stability during runs.
  • Elegant yet understated aesthetics make Asics shoes a timeless choice for runners.

4. Price And Value

4. Price and Value

4.1 Cloud Running Shoes

On Cloud running shoes, known for their innovative technology, come with a price tag that reflects their quality and performance. The Cloud shoes are designed to provide exceptional comfort, support, and durability, offering great value for runners who prioritize superior craftsmanship.

4.2 Asics Running Shoes

Asics running shoes, renowned for their cutting-edge features, deliver outstanding value for money. With an eye on both performance and affordability, the Asics range offers runners a great entry point into the world of quality running shoes.

5. Performance And Special Features

When it comes to choosing the right running shoes, considering the performance and special features is crucial. Both On Cloud and Asics have designed their running shoes to offer distinct benefits to runners. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these brands has to offer.

5.1 Cloud Running Shoes

The Cloud running shoes by On are known for their innovative design and performance-enhancing features. These shoes are designed to provide a unique running experience by incorporating cloud pods on the outsole. These cloud pods act as shock absorbers, offering superior cushioning and impact protection. The lightweight construction of the Cloud shoes and the breathable mesh upper provide excellent comfort throughout your runs. Additionally, the flexible sole promotes natural foot movement and a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The On Cloud running shoes also come with some special features that further boost their performance. The Speedboard technology in these shoes enhances energy return, propelling you forward with each stride. This feature not only helps you maintain a faster pace but also reduces fatigue during long distances. The Cloud shoes also incorporate a lacing system that ensures a secure and customized fit, preventing any discomfort or slippage during your runs.

5.2 Asics Running Shoes

Asics running shoes are renowned for their exceptional performance and advanced features. These shoes are crafted with meticulous attention to detail to cater to the specific needs of runners. The Gel cushioning system used in Asics shoes is one of their standout features. This technology offers unparalleled shock absorption, reducing the impact on your joints and minimizing the risk of injuries.

In addition to superior cushioning, Asics running shoes prioritize stability and support. The brand incorporates features like the Impact Guidance System (IGS) and Dynamic Duomax in their shoes to ensure proper alignment and prevent overpronation. This helps runners maintain stability and reduces the likelihood of injuries caused by poor foot mechanics. The breathable upper materials used in Asics shoes provide a comfortable and secure fit, allowing your feet to stay cool and dry throughout your runs.

Both On Cloud and Asics running shoes come with their unique performance-enhancing features. Whether you prioritize cushioning and flexibility or stability and support, these brands have something to offer for every type of runner. Consider your running style, preferences, and goals to make an informed decision and find the perfect pair of running shoes that will elevate your performance and keep you comfortable mile after mile.

On Cloud Vs Asics Running Shoes

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Frequently Asked Questions Of On Cloud Vs Asics Running Shoes

Are Cloud Running Shoes Good For Long Distance Runs?

Cloud running shoes are designed with cushioning and stability features, making them suitable for long distance runs. They provide excellent shock absorption and support to reduce fatigue and discomfort.

Are Asics Running Shoes Suitable For Trail Running?

Yes, Asics running shoes are great for trail running. They offer exceptional traction, durability, and stability to navigate various terrains, ensuring a comfortable and secure running experience.

Which Running Shoe Type Is Better For Knee Pain, Cloud Or Asics?

Both Cloud and Asics running shoes provide excellent cushioning and support to alleviate knee pain. However, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or a podiatrist to determine which shoe type suits your specific needs and biomechanics.


Both Cloud and Asics running shoes have their own unique features and benefits. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific needs. While the Cloud offers superior cushioning and responsiveness, the Asics provides excellent support and stability. Consider your running style and comfort to make the best choice for your training.

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